Thursday, October 21, 2010

Question of Rape & Incest (4): Testimony of a Raped Woman

In the fall of 1989, I was interviewed on WGAN radio in Portland, Maine, a 50,000 watt super-station. The topic of rape and incest was raised, and I sought to give answer.

Then a woman called and stated on the air that she had once been raped. Though this was radio, the stillness of the air permeated as her authority and emotions were evident. The talk show host looked at me as thought I were trapped.

But, instead, she then said that I was the first man she ever heard who understood her pain. And in listening to me, the hatred she had held against all men for years, drained out of her heart.

She also stated that it is incredible for a woman who has been raped and impregnated by a man, to then allow another man to scrape out her uterus.

And this hits reality on the head. How often is the topic of rape & incest used by "feminists" to justify abortion-on-demand? On the backs of raped women.



Paul said...

This issue reminds me of the movie "Rob Roy", with Liam Neisen and Jessica Lange. Robert McGregor's wife becomes pregnant by rape committed by the antagonist. She contemplates abortion, but later tells her husband "I could'na do it.", to which her husband replies "Tis no' the beb needs killen." A rare pro life moment from Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I try to follow the principle of not expecting others to do what I am not willing to do myself.

I don't see many "pro-life" families with adopted kids in their households. Such households generally have as many kids as the fertility of the mother will permit, but no adopted kids. What this political position appears to be is a convenient device where extreme views are separated from their consequences to those who hold them.

The pro-life conservatives mostly supported the Iraq war which has resulted in calamitous circumstances for both our country and the soldiers fighting there. Christians cannot expect others to do what they are not personally willing to take responsibility for, either personally or financially.

Pastor Ken Freeman said...

In answer to Tom, I have been a pro-life ministry leader for 27 years during which time I raised three children and have adopted my own grandson. I walk the walk and talk the talk and pointing fingers at all pro-lifers is unfair and ignorantly done. In my world of knowing thousdands of pregnancy resource center directors, I know many who have also adopted or are even now in the process of adoption. Life is precious and worth being defended no matter how small he or she may be.