Sunday, October 13, 2019

Radical Question #5: What is the Speed of Darkness?

Radical Question #5: What is the Speed of Darkness?

Answer: It has None.

In three arenas, this reality is clear to see.

1.      Physical: In the beginning, God spoke light into the darkness of the abyss, and the abyss retreated. Light has atomic weight, and darkness has none. Thus, darkness is immediately eviscerated by the presence of light.

2.      Ethical: When people live in the light of God’s presence, and in loving relationships with one another, they are free. When people live in the darkness of avoiding God, and one another, they are slaves, always looking over their shoulders in fear as they flee the light.

3.      Spiritual: Jesus is the Light of the world, and Satan is the prince of darkness; and believers in Jesus are also called to be the light of the world and displace the pretense of Satan. As we live in the light, Satan’s presence is eviscerated.

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