Thursday, May 7, 2020

Virology 101, Theology 101 and Politics 101: An Invitation to Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont


In mainstream academic virology, here are some basic understandings:

1]  The exact origins of the simple virus are debated and not settled.

2]  Viruses exist to reproduce, but they cannot do so in isolation. Thus, they become parasites that need first to infect a host cell where they find the habitat to reproduce.

3]  There are some 320,000 known viruses that infect the human and animal populations, and danger increases when animal viruses are allowed to infect humans.

4]  A toxic virus cannot be overcome unless the immune system is healthy enough or made healthy enough to effectively fight it.

5]  A virus cannot cause any disease. It can only serve as a conduit for transmitting disease from an unhealthy cell to a healthy cell, thus poisoning the healthy cell.

6]  In the allopathic model of medicine, the virus conduit is defined as the enemy to defeat principally, via synthetic pharmaceuticals and vaccines, each with their known and unknown side-effects. It is very costly, a reaction to a reaction, and only addresses symptoms, not causes.

So then, what is the cause of any disease that comes into our cells? It all relates to what we take into our bodies from the outside.

Hippocrates (ca. 460-370 B.C.) said that “Food is medicine and medicine is food.” Food, in the larger sense, means anything we ingest through any of our senses, i.e., what we see, hear, smell, taste, eat, drink, touch, or comes through the osmosis of the skin.

We are what we eat and drink and inhale, and what we otherwise take in, so the question is this: How healthy is that which we ingest by any means?

The naturopathic model provides proactive health to the cells and against toxins. Build up the immune system in all measures of healthy living, and eschew as many spiritual, ecological and psychological toxins as possible.

For starters, worship the one true Creator, and embrace clean air and water, plenty of sunshine and organic/natural food and supplements that are free from refined sugars, synthetics, genetically modified organisms and processing. Also, pursue a good balance of productive work, satisfying rest and heathy community. And most simply, take the sufficient daily doses of high-quality Vitamins A, B-12, C and D3, and in the present case, quinine, most easily accessible in tonic water.

A naturopathic virology is this:

1]  Viruses are a part of the good order of creation.

2]  When trust is broken between man and woman and their Creator, we forfeit the wisdom of God and become poor stewards of the creation and we pollute it, we disorder it.

3]  Disorder leads to all forms of pollution, and it takes more control of our lives the further we move away from the natural order, and part of this is involves viruses and injury to the immune system.

4]  Toxic viruses do not affect the healthiest of human immune systems, but prey on weakened immune systems, whether through the ingestion of toxins and/or accumulated age.

5]  The naturopathic model is proactive, simple and far less costly as it builds up the God-given immune system. This is the best stewardship of our bodies in a broken world, and it best addresses the root causes.

Here is the rub: Taking synthetic pharmaceuticals and vaccines is easy but being good stewards of the body takes work.

In terms of politics, most office holders choose the easiest paths in terms of access to campaign dollars and in making policy decisions. Not much room for critical thinking. Why do they invest their energies in chasing symptoms and not seeking to understand root causes?


We, the people of Connecticut invite Governor Ned Lamont to answer these, our questions, in a public forum open to and broadcast to all.

1]  What is the definition and origins of viruses?

2]  What is the definition and origins of disease?

3]  Do viruses ever cause disease?

4]  What is the definition and nature of the immune system, how is it attacked and how is it best strengthened?

5]  Where before in the history of free societies have healthy people across a state, a nation or internationally, ever been quarantined?

6]  What happens when healthy people are quarantined?

7]  Can an n95 surgical mask keep out the covid-19 virus?

8]  Are there any downsides for healthy people wearing masks?

9]  What is the average ratio of success for influenza vaccines?

10]  What is the intrinsic nature of “social distancing” and does it have  an etiology?

11]  How does the First Amendment relate to these questions?

12]  What is the legal basis for State Governors, via executive fiat, to suspend the First Amendment, to suspend habeas corpus?


Monday, October 28, 2019

Radical Question #6: What is the Nature of Biblical Assumptions?

Radical Question #6: What is the Nature of Biblical Assumptions?

Answer: They Interpret All Reality.

We all have assumptions, and unless we examine them, we play the fool.

Kurt Godel, the brilliant mathematician and colleague of Albert Einstein, proved that the equation of 1 + 1 = 2 (in a world of positive integers) cannot be proven mathematically.

For mathematics is a closed system, and first you must step outside of it, and make the assumption that 1 + 1 = 2, then all math, science, physics, music, art, engineering, architecture and on outward works without exception.

Einstein argued for the same assumptive reality for understanding the closed system of the universe, as he developed his theory of relativity. You must step outside of it and assume it. And Who or what alone is greater than space, time and number? The only conceived or written idea in history is the Hebrew Name of Yahweh Elohim, the Creator.

The greatest assumption of all is Genesis 1:1 -- In the beginning God created ... All else flows from here. It is the first of twelve positive and identifiable assumptions of Genesis 1-2, upon which all human knowledge and the finest liberal arts system follows:

1. The nature of the Creator.
2. The nature of politics.
3. The nature of the heavens -- the visible and the invisible.
4. The nature of communication, of light and darkness.
5. The nature of man and woman in the image of God.
6. The nature of human freedom.
7. The nature of hard questions.
8. The nature of human sexuality.
9. The nature of science and the scientific method.
10. The nature of verifiable history.
11. The nature of covenantal law.
12. The nature of unalienable rights -- life, liberty and property.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Radical Question #5: What is the Speed of Darkness?

Radical Question #5: What is the Speed of Darkness?

Answer: It has None.

In three arenas, this reality is clear to see.

1.      Physical: In the beginning, God spoke light into the darkness of the abyss, and the abyss retreated. Light has atomic weight, and darkness has none. Thus, darkness is immediately eviscerated by the presence of light.

2.      Ethical: When people live in the light of God’s presence, and in loving relationships with one another, they are free. When people live in the darkness of avoiding God, and one another, they are slaves, always looking over their shoulders in fear as they flee the light.

3.      Spiritual: Jesus is the Light of the world, and Satan is the prince of darkness; and believers in Jesus are also called to be the light of the world and displace the pretense of Satan. As we live in the light, Satan’s presence is eviscerated.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Radical Question #4: Why is the Political Language of Racism Used So Widely?

Radical Question #4: Why is the Political Language of Racism Used So Widely Today?

Answer: Because of the Nature and Failure of LBJ's Great Society.

Further questions may be posed to explain this answer.

Why did the Democratic Party vote against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution? They were passed, respectively, in 1865, 1868 and 1870, thus 1) abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude, 2) affirming unalienable rights for all people equally, and 3) affirming the right to vote regardless of prior condition of servitude.

Why did the racist  Ku Klux Klan (KKK; founded in 1865) arise within, and remain the sole property of the Democratic Party?

Why did the racist Jim Crow laws (1877ff) arise within, and remain the sole property of the Democratic Party?

Why did the racist Segregationist Laws (post Civil War on following) arise within, and remain the sole property of the Democratic Party?

Why did the 1964 Civil Rights Act not pass without Republican votes in a majority Democratic U.S. Congress?

Why did Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) become furious in 1968 with how the Democratic Party's Anti-Poverty program was decimating the Black Family. Fatherless was exploding to some 74 percent today, and poverty has only deepened.

Why did Barack Obama get elected in 2008 as the first Black President in U.S. history and in also gaining a large White vote? 

Further Answer: The Democratic Party, with a troubled racist heritage, and in political desperation, increasingly resorts to using the "racist" epithet against Republicans and any others who oppose them, regardless of what the facts may show.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Radical Question #3: What is the Simplest and Truest Statement on Politics Ever?

Radical Question #3: What is the Simplest and Truest Statement on Politics Ever?

Answer: Genesis 1:1.

The Hebrew text is this: bereshith bara elohim eth ha'shamayim w'eth ha'eretz.

The English: "In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth."

Most simply, and as the Genesis text introduces biblical reality, this means that the one true Creator governs the heavens, and man and woman are given to govern the earth under the heavens.

And if we desire honest and true politics, we as image-bearers of God need to imitate the politics of the heavens.

This most simply means religious, political and economic liberty for all people equally.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Radical Question #2: In all Human History, what is the Only Written Idea that is Greater than Space, Time and Number?

Radical Question #2: In all Human History, what is the Only Written Idea that is Greater than Space, Time and Number?

Answer: The Name of Yahweh Elohim.

It is not found in any polytheistic religion. In all such religions, beginning with the Babylonian genesis, the gods and goddess are finite and petty.

It is not found in any of the ancient animisms, where the spirits are finite and unknowable.

It is not found in atheism or any secular construct. Here, nothing prior to or greater than the expanding cosmos is contemplated.

It is not found in Islam, where Allah is limited by the human concept of number.

Is there anyone in human history who can a) imagine space, time and number ending, or b) not ending?  In the former, we always ask, what is beyond or greater? In the latter, we cannot grasp it from our limited natures.

In the Hebrew Bible, the Name of Yahweh Elohim means the One is who is greater than space, time and number, as the grammar shows. The only written concept of such in human history.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Radical Question #1: What is the largest problem with the American presence in Afghanistan?

[In this new series of blog posts, my purpose is to pose simple radical questions and submit some simple radical answers for consideration and debate. The word "radical" (from the Greek radix and the Latin radicalis) means "root level." I will address a range of questions within the realms of theology 101 and politics 101.]

Radical Question #1: What is the largest problem with the American presence in Afghanistan?

Answer: Afghanistan allows for no religious liberty.

First, when the United States set to track down Osama bin Laden after September 11, 2001, it should have simply sent in the Navy Seals to take him out, on national security grounds, and with no folly of consultation with a corrupt Afghanistan government. We were defending ourselves against a violent jihad that seeks to destroy our religious, political and economic liberty. 

Second, the United States should have simply built an advance military fortress in a strategic place in Afghanistan, with the ability from there to strike any terrorist activity discernible. 

Third, this would have precluded the folly of these eighteen years of trying to build a nation that cannot be built, and it would have saved countless lives and trillions of dollars. 

Fourth, the United States is rooted in religious liberty and Afghanistan forbids it. Nation building there cannot work.

Fifth, it is a cardinal folly for the United States to seek to arbitrate between different interpretations of Islam. This is not our role as a nation founded on religious liberty.

Sixth, the United States should withdraw all its armed forces and support staff from Afghanistan - except for a strategic fortress and air base for counter-terrorism purposes alone - and leave the competing interpretations of Islam to settle their own matters.

Seventh, only if the Afghanistan government were to allow and protect full religious liberty for all people equally, could there be any negotiation to change these terms, and only then can war be truly justified by the Afghanistan government against the Taliban.

And eighth, the United States is free - in its strategic fortress and airbase - to build an adjoining fortress and city for Afghanistan refugees et al. who want religious, political and economic liberty.